Evaluation Question 7

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?


The preliminary task was only the second time I had to creatively use a camera and edit footage using the Premiere Pro software.Since then I have also completed a mundane task. These helped me to further my skills from my initial level.

The point of the preliminary task was to learn how to use parallel editing to create continuity. In the task, my male actor entered a room, and had a conversation with a female actor about Donald Trump. Although each side of the conversation was filmed individually, there is a sense of flow to the dialogue as I have used techniques such as ‘shot reverse shot’.  However I have not used this in my final film as it doesn’t have a linear narrative structure, as I constantly contrast the earlier events with the male actor in the present day.

In the preliminary I also used the 180 degree rule. For example here, this actor is on the right of the screen whilst he talks to the actor on the left. This helps the viewer follow the action in a natural, subconscious way.

I also used ‘match on action’. For example in my preliminary task I change the camera angle when one of the actors opens the door. Here the shot is on one side of the door and then as he opens it, the shot changes to inside the room he is entering. I used this in my final film, when the male actor is trying to break into the bathroom, as seen here.

Another task I completed in the run up to developing my final product was the ‘mundane task’. The purpose of this task was to take something ordinarily boring and everyday like cleaning a keyboard, and make it interesting to watch through using different camera angles and editing techniques. This task taught me a lot about different camera shots like close ups and mid shots. I used this knowledge in my final product as I have incorporated a range of different shot lengths, including close ups, mid shots, long shots and extreme close ups.


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